PV Partners for Equity & Inclusion

The purpose of PV Partners for Equity and Inclusion is to advance the District’s mission to cultivate an inclusive community of learners empowered to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. PV Partners is a collaborative network of staff, students, parents, and community members who have come together for the purpose of improving the cultural competence in our school communities, to create a greater awareness and understanding of differences, and to facilitate increased inclusionary practices districtwide.  The efforts are leading to integrating more of our special needs students into regular education settings and taking steps to avoid any student, staff, or parent feeling marginalized in their school setting. 

PV Partners meetings are open to all and typically include parents, staff, students and community members.  Meeting dates, notes and agendas are listed on the right side of this page.  
Proudly, the District continues to consult with Mr. Arthur Mitchell of Catalysis Education Solutions and Ms. Geri Brown of Liberate Artists, Inc. Mr. Mitchell is working with district stakeholders to develop a greater awareness of diversity, inclusionary practices, and cultural competency. Ms. Brown is working with our high school students as part of SAFE (Student Advocates For Everyone) Collective to discuss school experiences and create positive change. Safe Collective is a student-led, after school club, focused on supporting students in creating the change they wish to see within their high school.
Mr. Arthur Mitchell, Catalysis Education Solutions            Ms. Geri Brown, Liberate Artists, Inc.

The goal is for our school communities to
reach a level of competence where “all truly means all.”



Book Study


Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain

By Zaretta Hammond

PV’s administrative team participated in a book study to learn more.

Agendas & Notes