COVID-19 Information

To assist us in collecting data, we are asking families to report their child’s confirmed positive COVID case using the link above.  Please refrain from calling the nursing office if possible.  If you are seeking medical advicewe ask that you contact your child’s medical provider with questions about their health, including guidance if your child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. 


Students and staff are expected to perform daily symptom monitoring based on the information in the chart below. This should be completed prior to boarding the bus or entering any of the District’s buildings. Any student or staff who feels symptomatic during the school day should immediately report to the school nurse. 

*If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, please consult with your family medical provider for evaluation and possible COVID-19 testing.

Health Chart


Masks/Face Coverings

1/2/2022 During a Special School Board meeting, held on Sunday, January 2, PV’s Board of School Directors approved an updated Health and Safety Transition Plan (v3). As part of this plan, masks are required for all students and staff during the school day when indoors extending through January 21. During after school activities such as athletics, music rehearsals, Community Ed., committee meetings, Board meetings, etc., masks are strongly recommended.  Beginning on January 24, masks will be strongly recommended during the school day.

A copy of the plan can be viewed on BoardDocs: Health & Safety Transition Plan v3

12/13/2021 The Perkiomen Valley Board of School Directors voted on changes to the District’s Health and Safety Plan (v11).  The updated plan shifts the guidance for face coverings/masks from required to strongly recommended.  This change goes into effect on January 3, 2022, and applies to all students, staff, and visitors while indoors in any of the District’s facilities. Visit the Parent Guidance and FAQs page for more information.

12/12/21 On Friday, December 10, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the masking order implemented by the Acting Secretary of the PA Department of Health earlier this fall is unlawful. The State mandated masking order is no longer in existence.

Currently, the District’s School Board approved Health and Safety Plan (v10) is in place. The plan requires all to wear a mask when indoors in any of our school settings.   Wearing of masks is one of several mitigating measures the District is incorporating to address two important District goals:

  • maintaining the health and safety of all in the school and larger community to the greatest extent possible, and
  • keeping students in-person, onsite, 5 days a week.

In the event you believe your child needs an exemption and qualifies based on a PA licensed medical or mental health provider’s diagnosis, please complete the Student Mask/Face Covering Exemption Request Form and submit to your child’s school nurse electronically or in print format.

  • Mask/face covering exemption forms should be submitted electronically or in print to the school nurse. The email address of your child’s school nurse is available on the website: Staff Directory.

  • Students with an IEP or 504 requesting a mask/face covering exemption should reach out to their child’s case manager. These requests will be reviewed by the IEP or 504 team, respectively.

Mask Protocol

Approved Masks/Face Coverings

“Mask/Face Covering” is defined as a covering that extends over the nose and mouth and is secured with straps to the head with ties, straps, or loops over the ears or is wrapped around the lower face. A “mask/face covering” can be made of a variety of synthetic or natural fabrics, including cotton silk, or linen, and can include a plastic face shield that covers the nose and mouth. As per the CDC, the protection afforded by a face shield alone continues to be investigated, and thus, they are not recommended for use. See: CDC’s Your Guide to Masks

Isolation and Quarantine

The District most directly follows the guidance and authority of the Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH). The agency most recently updated their guidance on January 11 (COVID-19 School Isolation & Quarantine Guide). 

QUARANTINE – applies to individuals exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 person. 

  • Mask to Stay (MTS) – applies to unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated STUDENTS or STAFF, who have been exposed to a confirmed positive COVID-19 person in the community.  This does not apply to household exposures. These individuals will have the opportunity to participate in MTS. In PVSD, MTS requires mask wearing daily in school and outdoors (i.e., recess) for 10 days. An antigen test is also required between days 4-6 after exposure. PVSD will administer the antigen tests onsite prior to the start of the school day.

    • To participate in MTS, complete the following form: TTS/MTS Form

    • If an unvaccinated STUDENT or STAFF chooses NOT to participate in MTS, MCOPH recommends they stay home for 5 days. After that, continue to wear a mask for 5 additional days.

*As a note: testing under the MTS program is available to vaccinated individuals with special health care needs, chronic illness, or those desiring confirmation of a negative test result. It is recommended individuals wear a mask through day 10.

  • Test to Stay (TTS) – now applies to unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated STAFF only as per MCOPH. Updated details of this program will be outlined in the Health and Safety Transition Plan (v3).

ISOLATION – applies to individuals identified as positive for COVID-19.

  • If a STUDENT or STAFF member receives a positive test for COVID-19, they must isolate. This requires individuals to remain home from school main home from school/work for 5 days and presuming symptoms resolve and they are fever free for at least 24 hours (absent fever reducing medication), individuals can return to school/work on day 6 with a commitment to wear a mask days 6-10.

In cases where unvaccinated student athletes are required to be vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test result within 72 hours prior of competition, for example, in winter track meets at nearby universities, the District will administer rapid assurance tests through the Test to Participate (TTP) program, per the Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH). Parental consent is required.  TTP will afford individuals the opportunity to demonstrate negative COVID status prior to a competition. The District’s testing team will administer the assurance tests to respective student-athletes in advance of any competition requiring such testing.
*The District is not mandating any student-athletes receive the COVID vaccine. It will conduct assurance testing as part of TTP to afford athletes the opportunity to participate in competition when the hosting venue requires such testing in place of vaccination.

COVID-19 Dashboard

21-22 Positive ONSITE Cases by Building

Note: Moving forward (as of 11/15/21), our COVID Dashboard data will reflect onsite cases ONLY. The numbers to the left reflect onsite cases since the start of the school year.

OnSite is defined as students/staff attending school on the premises during an infectious period, which is defined as 48 hrs prior to onset of symptoms, or 48 hours prior to a COVID test in the absence of symptoms. Students/staff on the premises for extracurricular activities are included.  OffSite is defined as students/staff who are not onsite during the infectious period.

Positive Cases – Daily/Weekly Positive Cases
(two week period – current week and one week prior)

Positivity Case Comparison by Population

About the PV Dashboard

The PV dashboard indicates positive cases in each of our schools on a cumulative basis for our staff and students. 
As a note, information presented in this dashboard does not imply that an individual has contracted COVID-19 at a District school/building or event.

Positivity Rate by Municipality
Montgomery County COVID-19 Dashboard