Welcome to the art department

The Perkiomen Valley Art Department provides a K-12 arts education of the highest quality for all students. The department introduces art to our beginning students to a diverse range of art-making processes and helps students to build their artistic and creative skills. Advanced students are guided in improving their skills, expanding their creative vision, and contributing to society as artists.  
Schwenksville   March 24, 2023    5-7:45pm      
Skippack            March 10,  2023    5-8:00pm          
Evergreen          March   3,  2023    5-8:00pm                

South                  March 31,   2023    5-8:00pm                   

Middle School East       May 12, 2023     6-9pm     
Middle School West    April 27, 2023     5-7:30pm 

April 26, 2023     5-7:00pm 

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