2023 Family Night (K-8)

Join Us For An Evening of Learning, Laughter, Movie Magic, and Fun!

Thursday, March 9, 2023
6:00pm – 8:00pm

PV Middle School East
5 Tammanund Circle, Collegeville, PA

Note: All students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Tickets not required. All are welcome!


  • 6:00pm – Doors open
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm Visit Movie-themed Stations (choose from over 20 stations – details below)
  • 6:15pm – 6:45pm  KooKoo Magic Show (open to all)
  • 6:20pm – 6:50pm Escape the (DIGITAL) Room Session I (sign up required – link)
  • 6:20pm – 6:40pm Charlotte’s Web Live Animal Show (open to all)
  • 6:50pm – 7:10pm Charlotte’s Web Live Animal Show (open to all)
  • 7:00pm – 7:30pm Escape the (DIGITAL) Room Session II (sign up required- link)
  • 7:15pm – 7:45pm KooKoo Magic Show (open to all)
  • 7:20pm – 7:40pm Charlotte’s Web Live Animal Show (open to all)

Movie-Themed Sessions

Station Title & DescriptionMovie InspirationSchedule
Leaning Tower of Cups
Come test your hand, and eye coordination, and patience with this ball and cup challenge! Things can get goofy in the movies...let's see how goofy things get with this activity.
A Goofy Movie Open
Visit our movie-themed photo booth and take photos with props so that you can remember this star-studded night.
Arthur and his friends believed that paper cootie-catchers could predict the future! But did you know that cootie-catchers can help readers build their comprehension skills? Yes, it’s true! Make one of the cootie-catchers at this station and bring it home. Then, next time you read a book, ask yourself the reading comprehension questions listed on the cootie- catchers. Be sure to look back in the text to support your thinking! Have fun!
Arthur & the Cookie-CatcherOpen
Charlotte’s Web & Sonic Movie
Join Alison, her sweet pig, and clever spider in the Charlotte's Web show and to follow will be her loveable hedgehogs for some Sonic the Movie fun!
Charlotte’s Web & Sonic MovieThree Shows (6:20, 6:50, & 7:20)
When Bruno fits the pieces of his puzzle together, a vision emerges!Can you put the following images together using the tangram shapes? Get creative! Use any shapes that work! Have fun!
Family Game Night
Have you ever watched Family Game Night on television? It’s a popular family game show filmed in Hollywood! Here is your chance to challenge yourself or a family member to a game of Boggle! How many words can you find on the Boggle board in three minutes? Let’s find out. Ready, set, go!
Family Game NightOpen
Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo is a movie about a clown fish named Marlin who searches for his missing son Nemo in the deep blue ocean. How many high-frequency words can you find in the blue discovery bottles? Can you find and read all ten words in each bottle? Happy searching!
Finding NemoOpen
Let It “Snow”
Students will mix baking soda and shaving cream. The mixture will change the consistency of the two items to make “snow.”
Ain’t Afraid of No Slime
Get messy as you learn the science of polymers and what makes slime so slimy! Bring your strong muscles for mixing, and think about what color your slime will be.
Hogwarts Sorting Hat Ceremony
Did you ever want to be a part of the Sorting Hat Ceremony at Hogwarts? Join us in finding your true magical character. You may even receive a magical sticker and certificate with your Howart’s school house name.
Harry PotterOpen
Totally Owl-some!
What would Harry have done without Hedwig?? In this station, you can make an owl to call your own. Bring home an adorable bird buddy to take on your own magical adventures!
Harry PotterOpen
You’re a Star!
Students can choose from a list of famous inventors & musicians or create their own Hollywood Star!
Hollywood Walk of FameOpen
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones is constantly solving puzzles and problem solving his way through tough situations! Can you solve one of the most popular puzzles of all time - the Rubik’s cube? Try a few different kinds, and use the QR code to learn how to solve a traditional Rubik’s cube! Have fun!
Indiana JonesOpen
KooKoo’s Cartoon Magic Show!
See KooKoo the Cartoon Magician’s interactive brand of comedy as he presents magic routines as a love letter to the Art of Animation…accented by visual gags and zany sound effects! Bring the whole family for a unique experience that is as much a live CARTOON show as it is a MAGIC show!
KooKoo’s Cartoon Magic Show!Two Shows (6:15 & 7:15)
Students participate in LEGO challenges, with additional challenges for older builders.
LEGO Movie/ LEGO Movie 2Open
Luck of the Draw
Are you feeling lucky? Test your skill and luck at a variety of card and dice games. Learn a few tricks to increase your odds!
Iceberg STEM Activity
Engage in design thinking! Can you craft a boat that will allow your penguin to float around “icebergs” in our pool of water?
Superhero Fitness Challenge
Calling all superheroes! Test your Super Skills as you run through an Obstacle Course in the gym. Thanks to Girl Scout Troop 7365 for assisting with this station!
Marvel Heroes (Digital) Escape Room
Dr. Doom is threatening evil! Help the Marvel Heroes put a stop to his antics by solving a series of riddles, puzzles, and clues! **Sign up required - Info will be shared via email one week prior ro Family Night**
MarvelSign Up Required
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins and the children loved to visit Bert and see his colorful drawings that would come to life! Enjoy creating beautiful colored images yourself while using your math brain! Choose any of the coloring pages that seem interesting to you. All coloring page are arranged by grade level.
Mary PoppinsOpen
Watch Me Lei-Lei
Students can make paper lei bracelets and headbands with straws and paper flowers and incorporate some cultural facts while using math patterns.
Moana and Maui brave the seas to save Moana’s people on an action-packed journey of challenges!Can you sink the enemy ships using your knowledge of the coordinate grid! Use the laminated game boards and expo markers to play! (Grids are labeled with grade levels)
Monster Floam
Take a sensory break with Sully and Boo and learn how to make your own monster floam! Students will roll up their sleeves and create their own monster floam to take home with them.
Monsters, Inc.Open
Scrabble Rabble
Come and play a version of your favorite word game - Scrabble! Our families will work together throughout the night to form new words. Let’s see how we can expand our movie-themed Scrabble board throughout the night!
Manga Mania
Create your own original lifesize Anime/Manga character to hang on your wall and help your imagination soar.
My Hero AcademiaOpen
The Oscar Goes To…
Calling all parents and guardians! This is a station that will allow you to award your special child or children with their very own Oscars. Math Superhero? Most kind-hearted 4th grader? Super respectful? Fill out a template for each child and have it delivered to their school.
Poetry Can Inspire Filmmakers
Did you know that many movies on the big screen have been inspired by poems? In fact, Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas movie was based on a spin off poem written by Tim Burton! There are many different types of poetry. One popular type is called Black out poetry. Go ahead and give it a try!
Poetry Can Inspire FilmmakersOpen
Secret Life of Pets
Hold on to your furry friends because things are about to get really hairy! You may even laugh up a fur ball with these hilarious pet themed Mad Libs! Just grab a partner, review the grammar chart, and fill in the blanks. Then laugh out loud as you read the silly stories you created!
Secret Life of PetsOpen
Spy-tastic Writing
Write a secret message to a friend or family member. Come back later to reveal the message or take it home with instructions for viewing.
Spy KidsOpen
Be an Archaeologist
Students will learn about an ancient civilization by writing their name in hieroglyphics and creating an Egyptian collar.
The MummyOpen
Make Art with SpongeBob
Students will use sponges to create ocean art. They can get creative with color and even make their own sea pineapple or other creatures if they wish!
The Spongebob Squarepants MovieOpen
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Students will get to watch a beautiful rainbow form with just a few simple items! Come “somewhere over the rainbow” with us!
The Wizard of OzOpen
Toy Story
Rex and the gang love playing cards to pass time while they wait for Andy to play with them! Enjoy a card game that exercises your math skills.The games are organized by grade level. Choose any of the games you’re interested in, and have fun! Please return all materials to their place before moving to another station.
Toy StoryOpen
They See Me Trollin’
Get inspired by the movie Trolls! Students will create colorful bookmarks using popsicle sticks and different art materials.