All employees will use the following absence reporting procedure with the exception of part-time Project Silver and Title 1 Tutors, part-time Cafeteria Monitors, food service employees, and maintenance and custodial employees who must report absences per the procedure as outlined by their supervisors.

How to Access Frontline’s Absence Management (formerly Aesop)

1) ClassLink Launchpad (computer or your smartphone app (Apple or Android),  Launchpad Tutorial

2) Download the Frontline app onto your smartphone and follow these steps

  • Use our special district code 7354 to start
  • When you get to the login screen, click the “Or Sign In With Organization SSO” (you may need to click it on more than one page) and finish signing on with your PV email and password 

3), but make sure to click the Sign In with Organization SSO link shown above and finish logging in with your PV email and password.

Please reach out to your building’s technology coordinator(s) or if you have questions regarding Classlink, and to your building secretary and/or with questions regarding Aesop or logging absences.

General Absence Reporting Information:

All employees must report the following types of absences for approval by your supervisor:

  • Sick Day (Must be entered before your school’s cutoff time on day of absence)
  • Personal Day (Minimum 3 day lead time before absence)
  • Vacation Day (12-month employees only)
  • Leave Without Pay
  • Association Business
  • Bereavement
  • Intermittent FMLA (see instructions below)

When teachers/professional staff will be out of the building for any of the following reasons, they should enter these absences into Aesop as well:

  • Academic Event
  • Athletic Leave
  • Curriculum/IEP Writing (one day allowed per school year)
  • Field Trip
  • Health Screening
  • Music Performance

Teacher/professional absences for any other reason should be communicated directly to the school secretaries and/or principals via email for entry into Aesop and to arrange for substitutes. These reasons may include school visits, IEP meetings or other meetings during school hours, student testing, and data team meetings.

Paraprofessional substitutes: Please note, only teachers/professional staff are able to request a substitute for an absence through Aesop. Paraprofessionals must continue to communicate with the building’s contact person to alert him/her to the absence and to request a substitute.

Absence reason details:

  • Bereavement Guidelines
  • Jury Duty or Subpoena
    • To record an absence for jury duty or a subpoena, please communicate directly with your building secretary, supervisor, or other designated point of contact via email who will enter this absence into Aesop for you.
    • Upon return, please provide your principal or supervisor a copy of the documentation of your absence, who will then forward it on to the Human Resources Department.
  • FMLA and Intermittent FMLA
    • FMLA requires pre-approval by your Supervisor/Principal and Human Resources.  The FMLA Request Form and the form that must be completed by a physician’s office must be received and approved by Human Resources prior to taking FMLA.
    • For full-time Family Medical Leave requests: Once your request form is received by the district office, the payroll department will enter your absence dates into Aesop with the correct FMLA code(s) (sick, personal, leave without pay) If you need to amend your dates or have a question, please contact Regina Carroll (Payroll Specialist) at
    • For Intermittent Family Medical Leave requests: For an intermittent leave, you will be responsible for entering these absences into Aesop yourself. Please use the Intermittent FMLA absence code (this will deduct the day from your sick bank. If you are out of sick days, enter as Leave Without Pay with Intermittent FML in the notes.) Please contact Regina Carroll, Payroll Specialist, directly ( if you have questions.

Viewing Absence Balances: 

To view your absence balances, follow this procedure: (Log into account > Account (on left hand tabs) > Account Reason Balances). Please contact Regina Carroll, Payroll Specialist, if you have questions regarding your absence balances (

Frontline  Support

  • From your Aesop login, click on the Frontline Support tab for detailed information and training on common questions