Contact the Human Resources Department


Address Change

For address changes, please complete the following forms:


Name Change

1) Send/bring one of the documents below to the Human Resources Department as proof of a name change:

  • Copy of updated Social Security Card
  • Copy of updated Driver’s License
  • Copy of Court Order approving the change
2) You will also need to submit the following updated documents:
3) Update your name with PDE in your TIMS account (if applicable) and forward an updated copy of your teaching certificate to the HR Department (Please note: For yearly state reporting purposes, your name must match in our HR/payroll system and in your TIMS profile.)

4) If you participate in direct deposit of your pay and you have made any changes to your account: 

  1. Update your name with your bank 
  2. Complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form and send it to the Human Resources Department. (Please note: The Payroll Department can only make the change to our records after you have updated your name with the bank to which your direct deposit is made.)
5) Your name change will be reported by the HR department to our health insurance providers.

6) Let the HR department know if you would like to update your email address with your new name or not and they will submit a help desk ticket for the tech team to create a new PV email address with your updated last name. 

If a change in marital status has occurred, you may also want to update the documents below:

Just a reminder, don’t forget to change your name and/or address with…

  • PDE for communications regarding your teaching credential
  • Optional benefit providers (Flex Spending, AFLAC, Sage, 403B)