Leaves of Absence

Family Medical Leave Act Request Procedures

If you will be absent from your position for more than one week (five days) and have been in your position for more than one year, you must apply for a leave of absence, as required under the federal Family Medical Leave Act. 

  1. Speak to your principal or supervisor to inform him/her of your leave request.
  1. Email the Suzanne Basile for the correct Family Medical Leave forms for your leave situation (sbasile@pvsd.org).
  1. Contact Regina Carroll, Payroll Specialist, if you have questions about your pay during your leave of absence (rcarroll@pvsd.org) or HR with questions regarding benefits (hr@pvsd.org)

For full-time Family Medical Leave requests: Once your request form is received by the district office, the payroll department will enter your absence dates into Aesop with the correct FMLA code(s) (sick, personal, leave without pay) If you need to amend your dates or have a question, please contact Regina Carroll, Payroll Specialist (rcarroll@pvsd.org).

  • Please note as well, for any full-time leave longer than two weeks, you will be required to leave any PV technological devices at your building for your replacement to use. Contact your administrator with questions on this policy.

For Intermittent Family Medical Leave requests: For an intermittent leave, you will be responsible for entering these absences into Aesop yourself. Please use the Intermittent FMLA absence code (this will deduct the day from your sick bank. If you are out of sick days, enter as Leave Without Pay with Intermittent FML in the notes.) 

For any other leave situations, refer to the links below or contact Human Resources.