All PA public school employees are required to complete the 3 hour Act 126 Mandated Reporter Video Training every FIVE YEARS.
  • New employees must complete this course prior to their start date. 
  • At the link above, either log in with your previously created username and password or click the blue “Registration” link in the upper left hand corner and follow the steps to create a new account
  • Complete course (you may stop and start the course as needed; it will save your progress)
  • CURRENT EMPLOYEES: Forward PDF or hard copy of certificate of completion to Karen Zucker.
  • NEW EMPLOYEES: Forward PDF or hard copy of certificate of completion to Danielle Kellon
2)  SafeSchools Portal (using your Google login)
  • Read ALL instructions below for important procedural details
  • For permanent PV employees and coaches
  • Forward PDFs of BOTH Parts 1 and 2 to Karen Zucker at once.

IMPORTANT NOTES on SafeSchools option: 

  1. If you are taking this course to renew your social work, SLP, OT, or RN license, DO NOT use the SafeSchools option. Only the U Pitt course registers completion directly with the State Board of Examiners.

  2. Part 1 will take 60 minutes, and Part 2 will take 125 minutes; both parts must be complete to meet 3 hour requirement
  3. You must complete each section in one sitting (it will not save your progress if you leave and come back)
  4. On the “My Assignments” page, click the click on the title of the course itself, or the “Start” (or “Continue”) link to the right of each section
  5. Once on the individual course page, click on the START COURSE or RESTART COURSE arrow toward the top of the page. Do NOT click on each chapter or your new completion date will not register. Email Karen Zucker if you have questions or issues.
  6. Send PDFs (not a google doc, not a link, not an html doc) of BOTH sections to Karen Zucker. (Best way is to click Print->Save as PDF)
For My Learning Plan PD Credit:

Teachers and paraprofessionals should use the following procedure to record flex/PD hours for the Act 126/Mandated Reporter Training course:

  1. Sign up for the Mandated Reporter course on My Learning Plan
  2. Complete the 3 hours course per one of the two COURSE OPTIONS listed below 
  3. Complete Course Evaluation on MLPEmail certificate(s) of completion to Karen Zucker prior