PVESPA Non-psers stipend (Bonus) Information for ALL Paraprofessionals

According to the most recent support staff contract agreement (page 7), all instructional paraprofessionals have the opportunity to receive an annual stipend up to $400 for professional development activities completed outside of the contractual work day/year.

To log eligible stipend hours:

  1. Log into your My Learning Plan account
  2. Select Forms>Support Forms>PVESPA Non-PSERS Stipend (Bonus) Hours Log
Please note:
  • ALL ACTIVITIES MUST BE MARKED AS COMPLETE IN MY LEARNING PLAN before submitting them as eligible PD hours for the stipend. You may obtain a summary of COMPLETED activities in My Learning Plan by clicking on My Info > Portfolio.
  • The stipend is disbursed in 6 hour increments (0-5 hours= $0; 6-11 hours = $200, 12 hours = $400. 9 hours does NOT equal $300)
  • Paraprofessional work schedule – Refer to this schedule to ensure that your activity was completed on a non-scheduled work day.
  • If you completed an activity during the evening of a scheduled work day (online course, etc.) provide that explanation in the notes section.
  • Submit as many hours as possible in a single entry (for example, if you completed 6 EdWebinar, 1 hour modules, enter them as a 6 hour activity instead of 6 separate ones).
  • 1 college semester credit = 30 hours; 1 college quarter credit = 20 hours
If you have questions, please contact your PVESPA representative or the HR department (hr@pvsd.org)