Qualifying Events

There are certain instances when you can make changes to your benefits elections (starting or terminating coverage or adding or dropping a dependent) outside of the regular open enrollment period. Here are some examples of a qualifying event:

If one of these changes occurs and you would like to update your benefits, here are the steps to complete within 30 days of the event:
  1. Email Suzanne Basile at sbasile@pvsd.org to inform her of the change; rate information and the correct online benefits enrollment form will be sent to you.
  2. Complete the online benefits enrollment form, outlining the details of the changes to make.
  3. Attach to the online form or submit the following to HR:
  • BMCS Plan application (to add a dependent to your policy)
  • Proof of qualifying event
    • Documentation from employer stating termination date of benefits
    • Proof of job change
    • Birth, marriage, divorce, death certificate, etc.