Early Intervention Resources


  • Parents will attend a transition meeting with the district by the end of February if: 
  • Their child is an age of beginner.
  • Their child will be kindergarten age (age 5 on or before September 1, 2018) and parent intends to register. 
  • Parent is uncertain about registering or whether child will be staying in Early Intervention for another year (children are eligible to remain in Early Intervention until they reach “age of beginner.”)

What will Happen at the Transition Meeting?

  • Parents will be asked to sign an Intent to Register
  • The MCIU will share the EI evaluation report and the IEP with the district after parent signs a release of information.
  • The PVSD team will ask for some background information regarding your child.
  • The district will determine if your child requires a re-evaluation and may issue a Permission to Re-Evaluate in the spring or accept the current information from the MCIU and issue a Notice of Recommended Educational Placement.

What Happens Next?

  • Once the Permission to Re-Evaluate (PtR) has been signed and received, the district will gather information from current service providers and parents. Your child may be observed in their current preschool setting and meet with the school psychologist for the re-evaluation. 
  • A Re-Evaluation Report will be issued within 60 calendar days from receipt of the signed PtR. 
  • If your child is found to be a child with a disability and in need of specially designed instruction an IEP team meeting will be held within 30 calendar days to develop an IEP and determine appropriate placement.
  • If your child is found not to be in need of specially designed instruction a NOREP (Notice of Recommended Education Placement) will be issued for regular education. 
  • If your child requires a Chapter 15/Section 504 Service Agreement it will be developed at the beginning of the school year by the school’s counselor.