Q&A for Parents of Students Who Attend Full-Time/Low-Incidence District Programs

Student desks will be kept six feet apart. Additionally, portable clear desktop dividers will be available to support social distancing when students are engaging in table-top instruction. Staff will utilize the prompt hierarchy throughout instruction; indirect and less intensive prompts will be used before considering physical ones. However, for students who require it, physical intervention will be provided as outlined in student IEPs and Positive Behavior Support Plans.

Staff will be expected to bring their own masks and will be provided with face shields and gloves. We are also considering gowns for staff that work in classrooms with toileting and feeding needs.

Custodial staff will be working in buildings and will be able to devote more time to cleaning the classrooms of students attending in-person. Please reference the district health and safety plan for additional details regarding cleaning practices.

Busing routes will be determined by the number of students that will be attending school in each building. 

Please reference the district’s health and safety plan for guidance regarding mask wearing for students with disabilities. Individual accommodations for students who have difficulty wearing a mask should be discussed with your case manager and/or special education supervisor. 

All attempts will be made to keep staff/student pairing consistent throughout the day.

Students will live-stream into their general education class(es) from a location within the school building with support staff assistance.

Yes, your child will be able to order lunch daily.  Please review the information provided by the Food Service Department on their district webpage as there may be frequent updates based upon guidance from USDA and PDE.

Your child’s case manager will be reaching out to you soon if she/he hasn’t already.

Continue to look for communication directly from your child’s case manager or the special education department. We understand it may be confusing to determine if future district-wide communication applies to your child’s in-school programming.