HotSpots for Families in Need

Perkiomen Valley School District is pleased to offer free hotspots to families without internet access in the home as a way to support our anywhere/anytime learning. Through a generous donation, we are making hotspots available to families so that all students can take advantage of the anywhere/anytime learning model. 

A hotspot is a handheld device that provides wireless network connection to other devices — such as a phone, computer, or Chromebook — so they can access the internet. 

Free hotspots will be given to families based on income and/or need, and availability of devices (limited quantities are available). If your family qualifies for the Free or Reduced Lunch program, you may complete this form and attach your notification letter as proof of need. If you do not qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch program, please complete the form and be sure to fill out the section that requests a brief summary of why you are requesting assistance. All information will remain confidential.


A hotspot is a handheld device that provides wireless network connection to other devices such as a phone, computer or Chromebook, so they can access the internet.

This offering is intended to benefit our economically disadvantaged families who do not have internet at home. If you believe you are in need, please complete our form and return it to the main office if your child is in elementary school, or return it to the counseling center if your child is in middle school or high school.

A district representative will notify you of your acceptance and provide instructions for obtaining the hotspot. 
Yes, if you qualify. Please keep in mind that each hotspot can provide internet access for two devices. 

No. The intended purpose of this device is to be used only at home. Internet access is readily available in our schools for students.

Please notify the building principal if the device is lost or stolen.

If the device is damaged, the student can bring it to the Chromebook Service Center at the secondary buildings or to the main office at the elementary schools and a replacement will be issued.

Instructions for Use

  • Connect the charging cords to the hotspot device – do not force the connectors together and be sure they are properly aligned.
  • Plug the power cord into a standard power outlet.
  • You may also charge the hotspot by connecting the USB cable directly into a computer. The device has a battery and may be able to operate for up to six hours once fully charged. 
To connect your device to the mobile hotspot’s wi-fi network, follow these steps:
  1. Turn on the mobile hotspot.
  2. On your computer or other wi-fi enabled device, search for available wi-fi networks and select the network name (SSID) for your mobile hotspot. The SSID and password can be found on the sticker on the back of your hotspot.
  3. Enter the network password. Note: It make take up to a minute to establish a connection.