The ASSIST Team serves as an extension to our existing in-school counseling services and as a resource for staff, students, and parents by providing referral services for out-of-school assessment and treatment programs. The school setting provides the opportunity for the professional staff to observe and identify students who are at-risk and in need of help and support.  At-risk students can be defined as students who are experiencing difficulty functioning in the school environment due to mental health problems and/or substance abuse.  Through caring, concern, and appropriate intervention, the ASSIST Team will identify and help these at-risk students become responsible school citizens and achieve optimum learning.

Additional information about the ASSIST Team will be provided to students and parents during the first several weeks of school.



Mrs. Georgeanne Zvodar, Creative Health Services

Mr. Tom Molnar, Assistant Principal

Mr. James Rude, Social Worker

Mr. Christopher Jackson, Counselor

Mrs. Erin McMonagle, Counselor

Mrs. Kristin Hildreth, Counselor

Mrs. Theresa Espersen, School Nurse

Mrs. Kerri Kirsinger, Tech Ed. Teacher

Mrs. Shannon Mullowney, 8th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Michelle Mozi, 6th Grade Teacher



The PVMSE Student Assistance Team is a group of counselors and teachers who have been specially trained to identify, support and provide referrals for students who are experiencing difficulty. Counselors from Creative Health Services and Perkiomen Valley Counselors are also on the ASSIST Team.



The goal of the ASSIST Team is to identify, intervene, support and assist in the referral of students who are dealing with issues which pose a barrier to their learning and school success. These include substance abuse, violence prevention, eating disorders, grief and loss, youth depression, and problems in the family.



If you are concerned about a student, a friend or even yourself, complete the initial referral form that is found in the box outside the Nurse’s Office. Please report specific, observable behaviors. Referrals will remain confidential.  Place the completed form in the locked box outside the Nurse’s office or deliver it in a sealed envelope to one of the ASSIST team members.



Look for observable behaviors in any of the following areas:  health, attendance, behavior, or academic performance.  Here are some signs of possible problems:

Drop in grades


Poor hygiene

Frequent conversations about alcohol and drugs

Discussion of parties where drugs and alcohol are present

Frequent absences

Frequent lateness

Sleeping in Class

Bloodshot eyes



Mood Swings

Decline in Motivation

Loss of interest in usual activities

Significant weight change



  • A referral is made by a student, teacher, coach, or school staff member and received by the ASSIST team
  • The ASSIST team gathers data about the referred student in the areas of academic performance, school behavior, health, and attendance
  • Data is compiled by the team
  • An intervention plan is developed and initiated. The team will make a recommendation to the student, parents and staff regarding ways to aid the student and increase his/her chances of success.  The team will identify existing school programs and any available community resources.
  • The ASSIST Team monitors the student’s progress and provides support and postvention.



The ASSIST team also provides students with some unique opportunities to attain help in dealing with specific issues.  One way is through an ASSIST supported mentoring program.  Support groups are also available for grief, family issues, anger management, self-esteem, and teen parenting. If you know of any students who may benefit from a mentor or from participation in one of these groups, please notify any member of the ASSIST team, or contact the Counseling Center.