Ski and Snowboard Club

Ski and Snowboard Club

Attention Students and Parents: Updated (11/21/23) 
 REGISTRATION IS NOW Full as of 2:30 Tuesday 11/21.
We sold out faster than Taylor Swift Concert Tickets!
All names from this point on will be on a wait list. I will reach and give you the ok to make payments if we can take you. As of now, please DO NOT pay Bear Creek unless I give you the aok.

Any sign ups at this point will be put on a waiting list.

Click for our Ski and Snowboard Packet! 

Ski and Snowboard Club is getting underway for the 2023 -2024 season.

 1.  Interest and Email Form (no longer needed, jump to step 2 to register)

2. Official Registration Link– The official registration link will be posted here on Tuesday, November 21st around 12 noon with the Gform to register officially. (Note: The above wording, “Official Registration Link” will turn a different color on that day when linked and I will include the link in the email to everyone.) Paperwork and monies should be turned in the week after break after signing up online. We do have to cap our buses at 50 people per trip so it is first-come first-served.

Parents and other members of the family can take advantage of websale pricing as well. Please just make a note letting me know so I know they are not students taking up bus seats.

3. For further details on the club or if you lost the paperwork, click here for the handout that will be given out at school (Note: link will be updated on Thursday.) with active links to assist with the signup process.

Trip Dates for 2023 – 2024

Trip #1 – Thursday, January 18th 

Trip #2 – Thursday, January 25th

Trip #3 – Thursday, February 8th

Trip #4 – Thursday, February 15th



General Information

  • Students will receive general information about the club.
  • We will have 4 total trips to Bear Creek.  Two in January and Two in February.
  • Your child can go on any or all trips as long as our numbers don’t exceed 70 per trip due to bus occupancy.
  • No paperwork or monies will be collected until after Thanksgiving break to give families time to decide on what they want to do without the rush we have had in years past.  I have found many parents have appreciated this adjustment.
  • Cost Range Per Trip: $55 – $86 per trip (Cost depends on web sale prices, rentals, and bus transportation.)

Specific Pricing for 2022-2023

Web Sale
4 Lift Only – $135
4 Lift and 4 Rental $235
6 Lift Only – $200
6 Lift Only and 6 Rental – $340

Season Pass – $369

Individual Trip Prices

Lift Only – $35

Lift and Rental – $66

Bus Transportation – $30 per trip

Ski and Snowboard Club Basics



Welcome to the ski and snowboard club.  Ski and snowboard club consists of students along with three teacher sponsors who plan to travel to Bear Creek Mountain Resort four times this winter.  The trips are on Thursdays in January and February.  Our club is limited to about 45 or so students per trip (depending on busing) so please be prompt with your return of the paperwork and payment.  We have had some years in which we had to turn away or reduce some participant’s trips.


A Typical Trip Day

Students must be dropped off at school with their equipment, and they must bring it into the auditorium.  It will be kept secure there until the end of the day when the students return to gather their equipment, change into their snow clothing, and board the bus with all of their belongings.  The gear and belongings are stored underneath the coach bus or in the back of a school bus depending on busing transportation.


We arrive at Bear Creek around 3:00 and are skiing by 3:15 until 7:00pm.  Students ski/snowboard with their friends or other people they meet on their own as it is a very independent club and requires maturity and extra responsibility to be a part of this club.  There is always at least one PV staff member stationed in the main lodge for questions and emergencies.



Students should have some way of eating dinner at the resort.  Students can bring a brown bag dinner or buy food from the Bear Creek Café.  Most students bring about $20 for food if they don’t bring their own food.  There are arcade games there so be sure to reinforce what you want them to spend their money on.


Payment Methods

There are two ways to pay.  There is an online payment called a web sale directly through Bear Creek’s Website in which you can get a discount on buying four or six session passes and even season passes, or you can pay by check for each trip individually.  If your child is planning on going on all four trips, we recommend the web sale option to save money.


Bus Fee 

There is a separate bus fee needed from each student to pay for transportation to and from Bear Creek via a coach bus from Perkiomen Tours.  


Pickup Time:

Parent pick-up is promptly at 8:00pm at the bus-loading platform behind East.