Below, please find FAQs specific to the changes to the 23-24 elementary report cards.  

What were the changes to report cards this year?

As per the report card committee, the image below outlines changes made to the elementary report card for the 23-24 school year.  This information was shared with all buildings via the C&I team (in Spring ‘23) and again in the fall from  building principals.  

If you have questions about any of these changes, touch base with your building principal.  If you encounter an issue with the report card interface in Synergy, log a helpdesk ticket.  

When working on report cards, I see numbers AND letters.  Why?

The numbers are transferred from your gradebook and converted to a “mark” based on the updated mark reporting key.  The number from the grade book is derived using Power Law (it is not an average).  See more on Power Law below.

What is Power Law?

Power law is a statistical formula that predicts what the student’s next score will be based on their previous scores.  Power law is crucial to a SBG as it indicates what a student knows and is able to do at that time (as opposed to calculating an average mark inclusive of all trimester scores).  Teachers have the option to override student grades if needed.  More on Power Law.

What will parents see?

Parents will see marks as per the mark reporting key.  

View from Report Card – > Students->Choose Student

Why do comments look different?

As per the report card committee, parents will now see text comments (as opposed to a corresponding comment code).  For assistance in assigning comments, visit this link: Comments Tutorial

Where do I record comments? 

To record comments, access the student screen (Report Card – > Students->Choose Student). Comments can no longer be entered in the report card matrix.  However, if you have entered comments in the student screen, you will see them in the report card matrix screen.   

Where is the option to “fill down” comments?  

Unfortunately, due to the change above, comments can no longer “fill down”.  

Where are the social studies standards/skills-  I no longer see them on the report card?

As per the report card committee, all social studies was condensed to one overall statement: Demonstrates knowledge of concepts, content, and vocabulary from units related to civics, economics, geography, and history

How will parents be informed of these changes?

A communication will be sent from the C&I Department.  Information about SBR will also be posted on the Families page of the PV website.  The mark reporting key is posted below.  Other reporting marks include X (Not assessed), NG (No Grade), and ME (Medical Excuse).