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Teacher Supervision

The Perkiomen Valley School District’s Instructional Supervision Plan follows the framework of PDE’s Educator Effectiveness System. This structural framework has been created providing options to staff for yearly supervision modes.

All new staff to the district must participate in the Induction Program and complete the Beginning Teacher Program of Supervision (“Level I Observation”). Level II Certified Professional Staff may participate in the “Level II Observation” Mode of Supervision or “Level II Action Research” Mode. There are also programs for Teacher Assistance as identified by administration. All modes of supervision follow the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

There are several documents included on this site. Many documents are references for staff and assist in explaining the Teacher Effectiveness model and associated yearly evaluation form. Other documents are templates to be used for lesson planning, observation, and Specific Learning Objectives (SLO).

Additional sources of information include:

Digital ToolBOX

We recognize technology as a tool…a powerful one!  Questions surrounding technology in education have changed. No longer can we ask…how do we learn technology? Instead we need to focus on: 

how do we learn WITH technology? and, 

how can technology TRANSFORM teaching & learning?

Visit the tools below to explore a collection of online resources to support learning through effective instruction and engagement.

Note for staff re: use of online resource tools with students.

Adobe Express


  • What? Integrated suite of media creation applications, comprised of: Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video
  • Who? District Subscription – All Staff & Students
  • Where? Access via PV’s LaunchPad (ClassLink)
  • How?  Get Started 
Adobe Express


  • What? Online graphic design tool
  • Who?  District Enrollment – All Staff & Students
  • Where? Access via PV’s LaunchPad (ClassLink)
  • How?  Get Started
Adobe Express


  • What? Create interactive video lessons for your students
  • Who?  District Subscription – All Staff
  • Where? Access via PV’s LaunchPad (ClassLink)
  • How?  Resources for Teachers
Adobe Express

formerly known as FlipGrid

Adobe Express

Google Workspace for Education

Adobe Express


  • What? Transform any existing document into an interactive learning experience
  • Who?  District Subscription – All Staff & Students
  • Where? Access via PV’s LaunchPad (ClassLink)
  • How?  Learn Kami; Library of Resources; Kami Blog
Adobe Express


  • What? Digital canvas to create projects that are easy to share and collaborate on
  • Who?  District Subscription – All Staff & Students
  • Where? Access via PV’s LaunchPad (ClassLink)
  • How?  Knowledge Base
Adobe Express

a ClearTouch tool

  • What? Locate and/or develop interactive activities and polls for use on Chromebooks and Clear Touch panels 
  • Who?  District Enrollment – All Staff & Students
  • Where? Installed on the ClearTouch panels, online version available to all 
  • How?  Nuiteq Snowflake TrainingClear Touch Academy
Adobe Express