Full Day Kindergarten Program


Important Dates

  • Wednesday, 5/8 – Parent Night (Recording) (Presentation)
  • Screenings – May (schools with reach out)
  • Orientation – Monday, 8/19

The Perkiomen Valley School District is excited to implement a universal Full Day Kindergarten program beginning with the 24-25 school year. 

There is a wealth of educational research and student experiences endorsing Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK). This is supported by several factors:

  • There has been a significant evolution in the Pennsylvania Core Standards, leading to a heightened focus on rigorous academics from an early age. The content and expectations for kindergarten and first-grade education have undergone substantial transformation over the past decade.
  • Students require ample opportunities for collaborative engagement in activities appropriate to their developmental stage, fostering social and emotional learning. Establishing strong relationships with peers and adults during kindergarten is crucial for students’ long-term success in both academic and personal spheres.
  • It is imperative that all students achieve proficiency in reading by the third grade. This ensures a solid foundation for future academic endeavors and overall educational success.

Life of a Kindergartener

Learning Outcomes


  • Word Study
    • Phonological & Phonemic Awareness
    • Phonics & Spelling
  • Reading
    • Literature rich Read Alouds
    • Shared & Independent Reading
    • Vocabulary
    • Listening Comprehension
  • Writing
    • Handwriting
    • Shared & Independent Writing

Social Studies

Social Studies topics are integrated into reading instruction. Students will read and learn about various topics such as:

  • Citizenship
  • Rules & Responsibilities
  • Communities
  • Maps & Land Features
  • American Symbols & Holidays
  • Cultures


  • Number recognition & counting
  • Basic operations
  • Shapes, geometry & measurement
  • Patterns, sorting, and data analysis
  • Mathematical Practices
    • Persevere as a problem solver
    • Use math vocabulary
    • Reason abstractly and quantitatively
    • Engage in discussions about mathematical thinking
    • Work collaboratively

Represent situations using the concrete-pictorial-abstract philosophy


Fundamental Science Skills

  • Explore nature
  • Investigate patterns
  • Experiment with materials
  • Ask questions

Science Domains

  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Environmental Literacy and Sustainability
  • Technology and Engineering

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