Spring Keystone Testing Schedule

  • May 13th- Biology (Paper / Pencil) – Both Modules

  • May 16th- Algebra (Paper / Pencil) – Both Modules

  • May 21st- Literature (Paper / Pencil) – Both Modules

    Students will complete both modules on the day of assigned testing.
    Students will have an extended break and lunch between modules.
    Transportation will be provided as usual for testing students.

*NOTE:  These dates are ASYNCHRONOUS Learning Days for non-testing students. Only students assigned to test on these dates should report to school.

Asynchronous Schedule Information for Non-Testers (Coming Soon)

Spring Keystone Makeup Schedule

  • May 22nd, 23rd, and 24th



If you have specific questions about your child and their proficiency on Keystone Exams, please reach out to your child’s counselor. 

Keystone Testing FAQs from PDE

Additional Keystone Testing FAQs

  • Who must take Keystone Exams?
    All students enrolled in Algebra, Literature, and Biology are required to take Keystone Exams.
    “The Keystone exams meet the federal accountability criteria of ESSA for the high school level. Students must take the Keystone Exams for purposes of federal accountability. Failure to do so will affect a Local Education Agency (LEA) and school’s participation rate.”
  • What happens if my child is absent for testing?
    Students and parents should make every effort to attend school on days of assigned Keystone Testing. Students who are absent will be scheduled to make up the missed assessment on listed Makeup Days. The window for Keystone Testing is May 13th – May 24th. Students are not permitted to complete Keystone Exams for this testing window prior to May 15th or after May 26th. Should students be absent for the duration of the testing window, they will need to take the assessment in the Winter Session in December.
  • What happens if my child does not receive a Proficient Score on the Keystone Exam?
    Students who are not proficient on Keystone Exams are provided the opportunity to retest in subsequent testing sessions. PVHS will hold a Winter Testing Session in December 2024 for students who do not score proficient or who are absent for testing.

    Due to Act 158 requirements, all students in Pennsylvania, beginning with the graduating class of 2023, must meet specific pathways for graduation. Proficiency on Keystone Exams is one pathway to meet this expectation. Alternate pathways to meet Act 158 pathways are linked here – Act 158 Pathways.

  • Where should my student report on the day of their Keystone Exam?
    Students will receive their testing assignment for each of their scheduled Keystone Exams via their school email during the first week of May.

  • If my child is scheduled to take 1 or 2 Keystone Exams, what should they do on the day of the Keystone Exam they are not scheduled to take?
    Any student who is not scheduled for the listed Keystone Exam on listed test days will participate in their learning asynchronously from home. Students who participate in courses outside of PVHS (ex. NMTCC, MCCC, Ursinus) should attend as normal.

    Transportation for these students will be provided and further communication regarding transportation will be shared closer to Keystone Testing. If your child attends the Tech school, they will be excused from NMTCC on the day(s) of their assigned Keystone Exam so they can report to PVHS for the entire day for Keystone Testing.

  • How can I be sure that my child receives appropriate accommodations?
    If your child is a student who receives testing accommodations due to a 504 or IEP, those accommodations will be in place for the Keystone Assessment. Feel free to contact their counselor or case manager if you have any questions or concerns.
  • What is the procedure for opting my student out of taking the Keystone Assessment?
    Parents/guardians may select to opt their child out of taking the Keystone Assessment if they find that the exam(s) conflicts with their religious beliefs. This is the ONLY reason a student may be opted out of taking the Keystone Assessment. The process for opting out includes various steps as listed below.
Keystone opt out information