PV Post Prom

PV Post Prom

Post Prom 2023 Details
PV Post Prom FAQ’s

How much does it cost to attend Post Prom?
PV Post Prom is FREE to attend!

Do I need to Pre-Register to Attend?
NO. Pre-registration is not required. However, all student who pre-register will be entered into a special cash prize drawing. Additionally, guests can also pre-register. We appreciate pre-registration as it assists in our planning. Additionally, all parents of those attending MUST complete the parental consent form.

Click here for the Parental Consent Form.

Who can attend?
Post Prom is limited to eligible PVHS Juniors and Seniors and their Prom Dates. All PVHS Juniors and Seniors not attending the prom are encouraged to attend Post Prom. Underclassmen and non-MHS students who attend the prom must be accompanied to Post Prom by their prom date. We encourage our Special needs students can attend and may attend with a chaperone.

What are the Hours of the event?
Arriving: Doors will open at 11:00 PM and close promptly at 12:15 PM. Students must arrive during this time.
Departing: Students are encouraged to stay until dismissal at 5:00 AM.

If a student would like to leave prior to dismissal, the student’s parent will be called to receive parental permission. No student will be allowed to leave early without parental permission. Parent/Guardians, please be sure to have your phone accessible throughout the night. We ask students to first reach out to you before we call home. We want parents to be aware that we will be calling. Phone numbers that are called for permission of early dismissal must be listed on the Post Prom Registration Form. If a parent or guardian cannot be reached at one of these numbers, the student will be required to remain at Post Prom until general dismissal at approximately 5:00 AM.

A student must have a senior license to leave Post Prom early or a parent or guardian must pick up the student. If a parent would like to give permission for another adult to pick up their child, please send in a note with your child. Once a student leaves Post Prom they WILL NOT be allowed to return.

Students will be VERY TIRED when they leave at 5:00 AM. We encourage parents to pick up students when possible. The student’s car may remain at PVHS and will be safe. If students are driving, they are encouraged to GO STRAIGHT HOME for some well-deserved rest.

Who is eligible for Prizes?
Students must stay at the Post Prom until 5:00 AM to be eligible for Post Prom Prizes. Prizes will be given out starting at 3:30 am and MUST be claimed in person. While all attendees are eligible for some of the prizes, there are certain prizes that can only be won by PVHS Juniors and Seniors.

A comfortable change of clothes and sneakers are recommended. A Garment rack is available to hang formal attire.

There will be a “Coat check” at the registration desk for students to place their belongings they do not want to carry around. Access to your bag will be available throughout the evening.

JEWELRY AND VALUABLES should be secured in vehicles or left at home. The Post Prom Committee assumes no responsibility for items reported lost or stolen. A lost and found station is in place. Items remaining in ‘lost and found’ status will be included in the PVHS lost and found collection after the event concludes.

Items that can be brought into Post Prom:

• Cell phone / Camera
• School or other identification card / information
• Car keys
• Tissues
• Comb / Brush / Hair bands
• Glasses / Contacts / Contact Case
• Chapstick / lipstick / lip gloss
• Extra change of clothing / deodorant stick
• Medical Alert (bracelet / necklace)
• Rescue Inhalers
• EpiPen’s

The following items will not be allowed into the celebration but is not limited to:

• bottled water or beverages
• food
• candy
• gum
• tobacco products
• e-cigarettes/vaping devices
• drugs
• alcohol

Digital pictures will be taken at Post Prom throughout the night and posted on our website for the public to see and for you to download. No individual student will be identified by name.

The annual Post Prom celebration is a non-school / district event that is aimed toward student safety and run by some 400 volunteers who generously contribute their time. The school property is essentially on loan to volunteers who work in consultation with school and other officials, to include local fire and police entities. Every reasonable measure is taken to ensure students’ safety while they are at PVHS for this one night enjoying carefully planned activities.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at pvpostprom@gmail.com.

Please consider volunteering for this event.
The Post Prom requires hundreds of volunteers to make the night successful.

Please see the links below for more information on how you can help with the 2023 event!

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And, for the 2024 Post Prom:

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