PVHS Parking Information

Parking Resources


The High School still has available parking and if you are interested, please complete the Google form linked below. You will then be contacted by Mrs. George for further information. 

The parking contract is a Google form that needs to be completed in its entirety to be assigned a parking location. Students that are on the debt list or on privilege suspension at the conclusion of the current school year will NOT be considered for a parking permit until they are cleared by the Main Office. Parking permits will NOT be assigned or held until the application process, which includes payment, is complete. Please contact Mrs. George in the Main Office with any questions.

Student Parking Application

Reminder: your 22-23 permit must be displayed in the vehicle on the right passenger side lower right corner of the windshield.  Thank you.


General Information:

Student operators must abide by the rules for school parking (School Board Policy 223).
Who may apply:
  • Driving a car and parking on school property is a privilege, not a right which must be earned and maintained by Juniors and Seniors ONLY.
  • Members of the freshman and sophomore class are not permitted to drive to school, regardless of their age.
  • Any student that is on the debt list or privilege suspension will NOT be considered for a parking permit until they are cleared by the Main Office.

Hang tags/Permit Information:

  • All student cars parked on school district property must be registered and bear a school issued parking permit hangtag on the front of the rear view mirror.
  • Parking hang tags are non-transferable and are permanent for the school year. Giving, receiving, trading, making duplicates, or selling a parking hang tag to another student will result in the removal of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year.
  • Students receiving parking privileges must register every vehicle they drive to school. If you drive an unregistered vehicle to school, for any reason, you must inform the PVHS Main Office prior to 1st period to complete a “car change information sheet” to be permitted to stay on campus.
  • All vehicles parked on school property shall be under the jurisdiction of the High School administration.
  • This includes the right of school officials to search all vehicles and confiscate any illegal materials. The parking lots may be inspected on a daily basis to confirm the presence of valid parking hang tags.
  • Seniors MUST turn in their parking permit hang tag to the main office prior to leaving on Career Study.

Parking and Driving Information:

  • Students must park in the parking spot assigned to them ONLY. Students who park in “NO Parking Zones” or an unauthorized parking area will be given a sticker violation warning, and they must sign the Tow
  • Warning paper. If the student is in violation a second time, the car will be towed at the owner’s expense with possible loss of parking privileges.
  • Students driving to school must follow all regulations of the School and Motor Vehicle Code of Pennsylvania. Failure to do so will result in the loss of parking privileges. Therefore, drivers must exercise caution and drive slowly on and around school property. Speeding and reckless driving cannot be tolerated where lives are at stake. Speeding and reckless driving will result in loss of driving privileges.
  • The school cannot be held liable for any thefts or damage to vehicles. Any incidents of this nature must be handled by the individual(s).
  • Students are to park cars, exit immediately and move directly to the building. Loitering in cars or the parking area is not permitted.
  • At no time may students go to their cars during the school day without office authorization.
  • During snow days, parking cannot be guaranteed due to plowing.

Loss of Driving Privileges:

  • Students who are seen in the Office five times (Levels 1-3) in which they receive discipline will have their parking permits revoked and be placed on privilege suspension for one calendar month.
  • Students who violate the Code of Conduct Level 4 will permanently lose their permit for the remainder of the school year.