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Perkiomen Valley High School is proud to work with North Montco Technical Career Center. Please click here for their school website.

The first day of school for both the North Montco Technical Career Center and PVHS is August 30th.

Each morning, beginning on August 30th, the students scheduled for AM Tech will need to report to the bus circle by the cafeteria by 7:45AM and board one of the busses to the tech school. Those students will then be brought back to the high school so that they can attend their period 4 or period 4/5 class. Due to the distance that our students must travel it is feasible that the students will not be back at PVHS for the start of period 4 and will be a couple of minutes late. We have attempted to schedule as many of the morning tech school students as possible into the 4th period lunch so that they do not miss class time but that is not always possible. Our teachers are aware of the time discrepancy with the tech school and will not make the students late if they are coming into a period 4/5 class rather than lunch.

Students who attend the tech school in the afternoon will report to the bus circle at 11:45am to board a bus to the tech school. The majority of PM tech students will be in lunch at that time, but there might be a handful who will need to leave their period 5/6 class at 11:45 early to board the bus. After tech ends, a bus will bring the students who drove to school back to the high school and will take those who did not drive directly home.

Information about PVHS / NMTCC Schedules

PVHS and NMTCC have similar schedules, however there are some differences that you need to be aware of. There are four days in which the tech school is scheduled to have school and PV is closed, one day in which PV has school and the tech school does not and 4 days where PV has a half day. Please see below for the specifics for each type of day. Additionally, if we have any 2 hour delays, we do not send our AM tech students to the tech school.

At this time, these are the days in which the PV schedule differs from the NMTCC:

  • PV is open but the Tech school is closed: February 18
  • PV is closed but the Tech school is open: October 11, November 22, November 23, and December 23
  • PV half days: October 20, January 26, February 16, and March 9

Please see below for more detailed information regarding these days.

If you have questions about bussing, you can call STA at 610-489-9110.

August 30 ( First day of school at NMTCC)

  • AM tech students: report to the bus circle no later than 7:45AM. Teachers will assist the students find their proper bus to the tech school. Students will arrive back at PVHS at approximately 10:35 AM and will go to their period 4 class.
  • PM tech students: Attend their scheduled classes here at PV in the morning. Those students who have a period 5/6 course are report to the bus circle at the conclusion of that course while those who have period 6 lunch are to report to the bus circle after eating their lunch, but no later than 11:52 AM, where busses will take the students to NMTCC.

PVHS out, NMTCC in: October 11, November 22, November 23, and December 23

  • Transportation is provided for both AM and PM technical students to attend their session at NMTCC. Since there is no school at PVHS a bus will pick up our NMTCC students at their respective bus stops. Please check with your tech bus driver to find out more information

PVHS in, NMTCC out: February 18 
PVHS is in session, but students will not report to NMTCC.

  • Students are expected to attend PV.
  • AM tech students who have a ride to school may arrive at PV at 10:30 AM and sign in at the main office. They will proceed to period 4 or 4/5.
  • AM students who take a bus to school will report to the cafeteria for attendance at 7:50 AM and will remain in study hall until their period 4 or 4/5 class.
  • PM tech students will be dismissed at noon from their period 6 class. Busses will be at the bus loop at noon to transport the PM tech students home after period 6.

PV Half Days, No PM tech: October 20, January 26, February 16, and March 9

  • AM tech students will attend the tech school as they normally do. We will not have PM tech. Students may leave after period 6 if they have transportation, but must sign out in the main office. PM tech students who do not have transportation should attend study halls for periods 7-10.

2 hour delays:

  • We do not send our students to the tech school for the morning session. AM tech students may go to study hall until their first scheduled PV class or may come to school late, similar to the PV IN TECH OUT schedule.