School Board

(left to right) top row: Jason Saylor (President), Kim Mares (Vice President), Tammy Campli
middle row: Matt Dorr, Sarah Evans-Brockett, Don Fountain
bottom row: Rowan Keenan, Reena Kolar, Laura White
The Perkiomen Valley Board of School Directors holds work sessions on the first Monday of each month; business meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. All meetings are open to the public. Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. at the Perkiomen Valley High School Media Center/Library unless otherwise noted (check District calendar). The meetings are also live broadcasted on the PVSD YouTube Channel.

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School Board members serve on a variety of committees. See below for a schedule of dates, times, and locations.  

There are two main types of committees: Board Standing Committees and District Standing Committees.  
  • Board Standing Committees are developed to focus on particular administrative areas within the school district, with a subset of Board members serving on each committee. Finance and Policy are the only two Board Standing Committees.
  • District Standing Committees also focus upon various administrative areas in the school district but may also include members of the community serving in an advisory capacity along with administrators and School Board members. The District Standing Committees include the Assessment Committee, Education, and Communications Advisory Committee. The work previously conducted as part of the Safety & Operations and Wellness Committees will be incorporated into the Finance Committee of the Whole and Education Committee of the Whole, respectively. 
For the 2022-23 School Year, both the Education Committee and the Finance Committee will become “Committees of the Whole.” This means that the meetings will take place before the entire School Board as part of the work session each month.  Dates, times and locations will continue to be advertised so that you can remain up to date with the changes and be involved in these discussions.
At certain times, special committees may be created by the Board for a specific assignment. These special committees will be appointed by the Board and terminated upon completion of their assignments or by a vote of the Board. These committees may be reactivated, if necessary. 
As they become available, agendas and notes will be posted below and on BoardDocs.  

Finance Committee of the Whole

Reviews, monitors, and communicates issues within the school district budget; analyzes legislative proposals; recommends adjustments and modifications to the school district’s budget; involved in setting the annual property tax levy; and recommends cost effective and efficient projects and initiatives for full School Board consideration. 

All meetings will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Perkiomen Valley High School Media Center/Library during the School Board Work Session.  

Admin Rep: Mr. Weaver

2022-23 Meeting Dates & Information


Reviews and updates the district’s policies relating to the School Board governance, programs, students, personnel, finances, property, business operations, and community relations. The committee also monitors changes and trends affecting public education and considers new policies to deal with those changes. The committee makes policy recommendations to the full School Board. 

All meetings will take place at 6:00 p.m. in the Perkiomen Valley High School Media Center/Library.

Admin Rep:  Dr. Russell
Board Members: Mrs. Evans-Brockett, Mr. Keenan, Mr. Saylor, Ms. White

2022-23 Meeting Dates & Information


Reviews assessments implemented to improve instructional outcomes, recommends possible adjustments, and advises on the planning and communication of student results to stakeholders.  

All meetings will take place at 3:45 p.m. in the District Office conference room.

Admin Rep: Mrs. Smith
Board Members:  Dr. Campli, Mr. Fountain, Dr. Kolar, Mrs. Mares

2022-23 Meeting Dates & Information

  • October 20
  • December 8
  • April 17

Communications Advisory

Provides input and feedback to the school district on: improving the district’s internal and external communications; maintaining a positive public image in the community; and strategies for engagement with students, parents, employees, and community members. 

All meetings will take place at 3:45 p.m. in the District Office conference room.

Admin Rep: Dr. Parr
Board Members: Dr. Campli, Mr. Dorr, Mr. Fountain, Ms. White

2022-23 Meeting Dates & Information

  • December 1
  • March 22

Education Committee of the Whole

Encourages active participation in all phases of planning and improving the educational experiences of our students. 

All meetings will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Perkiomen Valley High School Media Center/Library during the School Board Work Session.    

Admin Rep: Mrs. Smith

2022-23 Meeting Dates & Information

Wellness Committee

Serves as an advisory committee to examine the current school environment, assess student needs, and raise awareness about student health issues. 

All meetings will take place at 3:45 p.m. in the Perkiomen Valley High School Media Center/Library.

Admin Rep: Dr. Boyd
Board Members: Mrs. Mares, Mr. Fountain, Dr. Kolar

2022-23 Meeting Dates & Information

*This page has been updated to reflect information specific to the 2022-23 school year.