Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)

Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)

Students at South Elementary are recognized daily for making RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, SAFE, and KIND choices!  

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Eight years ago, we started a journey to bring the Pennsylvania Positive Behavior Support (PA-PBS) framework to South Elementary.  As a community, we agreed this journey was worthwhile to increase consistency in recognizing when students do, and do not, meet our behavior expectations.  While we have come so far since implementation of the framework began, there is still much work to be done.  

A major focus of our efforts around SW-PBIS during the 23-24 school year is to increase parent understanding of and engagement in the PBS framework.  As we work to inform parents of the PBS focus each quarter, we will also ask for your participation in recognizing when you see your child being respectful, responsible, safe, or kind at home.  At the conclusion of each quarter, South will celebrate the positive choices our students make each day – these assemblies are scheduled as follows:

  • August/September – Introduction, all 4 expectations 
  • November – Responsible & Respectful
  • January – Safe
  • March – Kind
  • May – End of Year Celebration        

The overarching goal of PBS is to improve the overall climate of our school and lay a foundation for building relationships with students that will pay dividends in the future.  Students may not remember what we taught them, but they always will remember who we are and how we taught them.  Together, through a focus on building positive relationships in all stakeholder groups, we can improve the climate of our school community and improve outcomes for your children.

 Thank you for all that you do to support South Elementary!

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