Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

A Guide for Parents/Guardians

What is SAP?

Our Student Assistance Program (SAP) team is available to help you access school and community services for your child. The SAP team will help you find services and assistance with in the school, and if needed, in the community. We do not diagnose, treat, or refer your child for treatment. We will provide you with information and you make the choice(s) that best fit your needs and wishes. As the parent/guardian, you are an important part of the team.

How does my child become involved in the SAP Program?

Anyone can refer a child to the SAP team. Some students are referred by teachers or other school personnel. A friend or family member can also let the SAP team know that they are worried about someone. The child can even go directly to the SAP team to ask for help. Our school will gather information to determine how a student is performing academically, behaviorally, and socially. The SAP team will work with you to develop a plan of action to help your child achieve success in school.

What if someone has referred my child to SAP?

Your child’s teacher and/or a SAP team member will contact you regarding your child’s referral to the program. The team will work with you and your child throughout the process. As a parent, your knowledge and thoughts about your child will be helpful in developing a plan of action. If you need more information before making a decision during SAP, please feel free to talk to a SAP team member.

How do I contact the SAP Team?

If you have any questions about SAP, or if you feel that your child may need help, call your school and ask to speak with any of the SAP team members or your child’s teacher. You may also email any SAP team member or your child’s teacher. Full contact information for SAP team members is listed at the bottom of this page.


If The SAP team information is completely confidential and the team will respect you and your child’s privacy at all times.

What are the benefits of SAP?

Coordinates services within the school
Provides support for teachers, staff, and parents to assist them in working
effectively with students
Assesses and monitors student progress
Identifies strategies and develops a plan to help students succeed within their

What is the role of the student’s family throughout the Student Assistance process?

Family members are vital to the Student Assistance process. Attendance at each SAP meeting is strongly encouraged. As an active participant of the team, family members will be asked to share information about their child’s strengths and abilities as well as assist in the implementation of recommended strategies.

SAP Referrals

STAFF – can submit referrals anytime
PARENTS – contact the Principal, School Counselor, Instructional Support Teacher, School Psychologist, Reading Specialist, or your child’s classroom teacher with your concerns:

23-24 South Elementary SAP Team:

Once submitted, the SAP team at South will review and follow up with next steps. No one other than the SAP team will know who filled out the referral form.