Summer Reading @ Middle School

What is encouraged?

All 6th-8th grade students should read TWO self-selected books over the months of June, July, and August. If you think you need to jot down some ideas to be able to make meaning of your books, please do. You will be sharing what you read with your teacher and classmates in late August/early September.

  • Note what you felt was interesting, thought-provoking, exciting, or confusing — even jot down wonderful examples of a writer’s craft.
  • Consider recording questions you may have or inspirations you acquired through your summer reading. (And remember you can always read more than the required TWO books!)
MS students reading

What books should you read?

The choice is yours!  You should choose books that are interesting to you personally. Please consider your preferences for authors, genres, and series when selecting titles. Does the book fit your personal reading purpose (to laugh, to learn, to explore)?  Does the book interest you?

Need assistance choosing a high-quality text?  These curated lists can help you get started.  Please click on the links below and use each list as a starting point. 

If you would like additional guidance, Common Sense Media is an independent nonprofit organization that provides unbiased information and rates movies, TV shows, books, and more so that caregivers can feel comfortable about the choices they make for their children. This website may be able to provide additional information about a book selection.

How can you access books?

PVSD is dedicated to helping you access high-quality, high-interest books. Please know that our school libraries, specifically Schwenksville Elementary, Middle School East, and Middle School West, will be open this summer for summer library programming, Go for the Gold… READ!

Click HERE for more information about Summer Library.

Additionally, current PVSD students may access library ebooks and audiobooks through our Destiny Discover library catalog. See the links below to access the catalog for your building.  

Public Libraries
Our local public MCLINC libraries are a great source for books. We also encourage you to utilize ebooks offered by local MCLINC libraries and the Free Library of Philadelphia. You can apply online to get library cards from these public libraries.

What will happen when you go back to school?

Be prepared to share your reading with classmates in the fall.  All you need to bring with you at the start of the school year is your understanding of your two books (and notes, if taken).  During the first few weeks of the school year, you will have the opportunity to DISCUSS OR WRITE (or maybe both) about your books. Either way, the goal is to share what you read with others!  Your new ELA teacher will give you further details about how you might share when you return to school.  PVSD’s shared goal is to create a community of readers!

Options for sharing may include:

  • a traditional book talk
  • an interview
  • a podcast
  • a blog post
  • book speed-dating activities


“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too.” ~ Anonymous